The Best Hosting

  • Great Experience

    The review is spot on – I’ve been with Siteground since 2017, and found it a huge improvement over my 16 years on Bluehost. I’ve appreciated the personal support, the speed, and the ease of installing SSL certificates. For me, it’s been a great host.

  • Easy to use

    I’ve had my blog and store for years but know very little about the technical side of how to set it all up and so on, but I was in need to change web hosts(ughh that previous host still gives me anxiety) and a couple of friends recommended Bluehost. So I signed up and was so surprised about the ease of use. Almost everything is done for you automatically and the things that you need to change have tutorials or support helped me out in no time at all. I have been with them for two months now and couldn’t be happier!

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